Symptoms During Week 7 and 8

26th March 2016

8 weeks 4 days pregnant

Current weight – 58.4 kgs

The whole last week (15 – 20 March) I got to stay at my mom and dad’s. I only laze around the entire day whenever I get a chance to go home. I had not seen my mom in 3 months as she had been staying with my sister in Mumbai all that while for her medical treatments. She went in mid December last year and came back only this month. So I spent a week at mom’s. I have some of the best time when I’m with mom and dad.

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The Day of The First Ultrasound

March 13, 2016 – The day I had been waiting for – My first ultrasound.

I mentioned in my previous blog post about me switching Doctors (The day of the news). The reason being that my previous doctor didn’t really have all the  facilities, she asked me to get the ultrasound from some other doctor and get back to her with the reports. So I thought why not find a better doctor that has everything in-house. So I went to see the doctor my sister-in-law consulted. Her clinic is only open until 4 in the evening and I get off from work only at 5. So I don’t get any time to visit her on the week-days, which leaves me with the only option of consulting her on the week-ends. I’m okay with week-end visits anyway.

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The Week Before My First Ultrasound

I work from 8.30 in the morning until 5 in the evening. My work can be stressing at times. And since we have the peak season of admissions going on, the stress levels are at their highest.

So a week before the ultrasound, the symptoms got the better of me. With so much pressure from work and the pregnancy combined really took a toll on me. I started feeling extremely tired with the constant need to puke all the time. The vomiting didn’t really happen but the feeling was definitely there. With so much going on at work and my inability to focus 100%, I thought it would be wise to tell my boss that I was expecting.

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The Day of The News

It was 6.30 a.m. I tested positive on 27th February. I honestly didn’t know how to react. I took two tests, one of them had a very faint line and the other one very visible pink line. I looked at it for good 5 mins with a mix of emotions rushing through me – surprise because it was not planned or expected, disappointment because I wanted to do a lot of things before having a baby, happiness because somewhere deep down I knew I wanted a baby (but not this soon), nervous because I didn’t know if I was ready but gratitude for a new life.

We live with my husband’s parents. So the first thing I did after being lost for 5 mins was rush to my MIL’s room and give her the news. She opened her eyes with a surprised look on her face. Then asked me to do go see a doctor first thing after I got free from work in the evening.

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Days before the big news

My period was due on 27th January 2016. A week before that, I’d get exhausted by the end of day. This exhaustion had never happened as I have been very active. My headaches would start the moment I’d wake up in the morning and continue until late at night. I obviously didn’t know why this was happening. I thought I maybe need to get my eyesight checked. It continued for a week along with the constant fatigue. Then I thought maybe I’m P(re)MSing.

On 27th, it didn’t happen. I didn’t think I’d be pregnant because I had taken some anti-biotics some time back so I thought it could be just a side effect of that. I waited the next day for my period. Nothing. And then I thought there was no harm trying the home pregnancy test. So I asked my husband to get me two tests on the way back from work.

The rest is history as they say.


The First – A Little of Everything

Sitting in my room at mom and dad’s, reminiscing the good old days when my sister and I were young, the things we used to do, the arguments, the late night Maggi fests, the uncontrollable laughter at night, dad’s rebukes… How things have changed now! Ever since we both moved out, got married; things really have changed. But undoubtedly, I’d give anything to rewind the time and relive and make the most of all the moments I spent with mom, dad and sis. Even if we aren’t all physically together now, we still share the same love and bond that we used to.

Everything in life changes. Change is the only constant in life.

My life changed when I got married to the love of my life, my high-school sweetheart. Ever since we started dating, we knew we were the one for each other. Yes, we broke up countless number of times during the 11 year long relationship, but ended up together. And exactly a year into marriage, I gave him ‘the news’.

I am a new mom-to-be, experiencing the joys of being pregnant for the first time in life. This blog is my diary where I’ll be sharing my learnings with all (future) moms and get insights from experienced moms. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I’m hoping this blog will help me and others sail smoothly in this journey of a new mom-to-be.